The Organic Farming Research Network (OFRN) includes farmers, researchers, and others whose goal is to enhance the success of organic farmers through research that improves farming methods, tools, and resources. Network members develop, complete and share insights gained through projects together. Although current OFRN projects originated and are underway in Ohio, people in other locations can also benefit from them and other Network activities.

Farmers have long guided and participated in research. Their knowledge and experiences have been shared with others worldwide. All participants in the OFRN can benefit from their collective experience, especially when it is combined with the experience of other industry professionals and research and extension personnel.

OFRN research topics are prompted by farmers, scientists, educators or other members of the organic production community. Projects are to help identify and address major questions important to organic farmers. Anyone can nominate a project topic. However, many people engage in the research and education/outreach process once a project is underway. Communication among all participants helps ensure that projects provide value to everyone involved. Also, what is learned in one project helps start others.

OFRN research is completed on farms, at research stations and in other settings. TheĀ Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association, The Ohio State University and others collaborate at each stage of the process. Procedures used in ORFN projects undergo an independent review before they are used in order to protect project participants.

Thank you for your interest in the OFRN. Please contact us if you would like additional information or check the learning center for resources and links.